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People not showing up at Caed Nua



Recently I picked up a playthrough that I started a good while ago, and I've continued and finished a lot of quests. At some point I was told Geyda the animancer showed up in the stronghold. I visited, but she was nowhere to be seen. Thought maybe it was because she had popped up before, and I had read somewhere that it was possible for this 'quest' to show up twice. Therefore didn't think too much about it.


Yesterday the game informed me Solmar the Shackler had shown up. I was in the Endless Paths at the time, but he was nowhere to be seen when I went to the surface. Went to another map and back again, hoping that would trigger him somehow, but that didn't work either, and he's not in the main hall like visitors are supposed to be.


Lord Sidroc did show up however, so I'm puzzled why some show up and others don't.


Do you know what is wrong here?

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I've no problem - they show ll up in the throne room.





Geyda or Solmar sometimes only comes to buy a prisoner. Then she can not be found. Its just that you can sell the prisoner in the actions-menu where the prisoners are listed.

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That might have been it then, seeing as I have a prisoner.


There does appear to be some minor bugs at times, though. For instance, Berolt showed up and I helped him out, but the stronghold screen said *NameError* (or similar), and on the end of the quest the report changed his name to *null*.


Hardly game stoppers of course, but it's still frustrating to see stuff like this after so many patches. Likewise with spelling errors.

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