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Some of my gold keeps disappearing!



After a long absence I fired up the game and found some new additions, including runes. I bought a Rune of Wealth I and started grinding gold from the first scenario on Legendary. Only after several runthroughs, I started noticing that the gold balance didn't seem right. After my next run, I took these screenshots:


After winning the scenario, the game rewards me with 500 gold, as it should, bringing my total to 8222 gold:




Then I banished all the excess cards I'd gotten for 22 gold, which should bring the total to 8244.


Immediately after that, I visited the store to find that my gold balance is 8124:




Quitting and restarting the game didn't help, rebooting the tablet didn't help. By my count, I lost 120 gold (or at least something similar if not that exact amount) each run, but I don't have any documentation on that.


I quit playing the game a couple months ago when I got frustrated at a glitch. Now I'm having deja vu.



Android 5.0.2 on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
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Yesterday, I noticed strange things with gold rewards in 1-1 Legendary (Runelords) playing on Android. Specifically, fewer gold coins after quest completion (25 banes).

So, I wrote down my two scenarios today (quest for 2 Legendary) and definitely, something is very much broken after the last GoblinUpdate. For the record, every bane was defeated...


1st scenario: 485 gold

Goblin Nest 3 Raiders 485

Traitor, Raider, location closed 492

Zombie giant, Goblin Dog, Hill Giant 492

Ripnugget, Bandit (temporary), location closed 497

Raider, Bandit, location closed 507

Ghost, Raider, game frozen, location not closed 502

Sneak, Plague Z., Battered Chest 502

Goblin Cutthroat, Ripnugget, endgame 702

I did not check the balance in the Stash window (see below)

Banishing cards worth 23, end result 685!!!!!


2nd scenario: (Sinspawn wild card)

Blacksmith, Siren, Sinspawn 685

Satyr, Sinspawn 685

Raider, Bandit, location closed, 695 shown, in the following hero's turn 690

Enchanter, Sinspawn 690

Pit Trap (another bug - I was able to reveal both Spyglass and Magical Spyglass)

Bugbear, Sinspawn, Zombie, Sinspawn, Raider, location closed 700 shown, later 695

Hermit, Sinspawn, Goblin Pyro, Sinspawn 695

Raider, location closed 705 => 700

Tsuto, location closed 710 => 705

Ripnugget, end 905, quest reward (100)

In the stash window, I checked the balance again 965?!!?!?

Banishing cards worth 22, 987 (now it's OK?)

Bought 1 chest, banished the gained cards for 19, 525 gold?? Should be 487+19

Bought 1 chest, banished the cards for 17, now a correct result of 42


So, in general. Defeating Henchmen does NOT give you 5 gold and if if does (strangely, all of them are regular henchmen that are NOT goblins, hint hint), it is subtracted immediately after. Quest rewards and banishing cards behave inconsistently. But the evidence is clear - someone screwed up in the programming. As I have some experience with that, I know how easily can that be done.

Please look into it. This is the kind of bug that has huge potential for you to lose players.

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Sorry, my bad - I forgot that henchmen are supposed to earn you 4 golds instead of 5.

So, there are at least four different bugs in play:

1) You do not get ANY rewards for defeating any banes, at least in RotR 1-1 Legendary, but probably at least in RotR adventure 1

2) Visual bug with permanently closing locations - shows the amount of gold corresponding to +10 gold (as if Rune of Wealth was active), but the next update sends the client correct value of +5 gold. This appears to subtract the amount of gold you have - a discouraging situation for anyone: "where did my gold disappear to?" even if the gold should not be properly added

3) Something strange with adventure completion rewards (in the 2nd adventure, I got 160 instead of 200 for 3 characters; the 1st adventure is inconclusive, but it might have happened as well because the numbers match 502 + 160 + 23 = 685).

4) Banishing cards from the chest (through Unclaimed area) could be sometimes faulty, I usually do not check this

5) The Spyglass has apparently the trait "You may play an additional item on this check" or lacks the trait "You played an item, you may not play another item", which is the same in effect.


Additionally, I noticed that Favour of Nethys sometimes hangs the game when bringing Monster to the top. Going to the Collection and back brings back the "examine the top 3 card, select one to encounter" window. Blessing of Nethys does this in conjunction with the Sinspawn wildcard, but Favor of Nethys seems to do it much more often even without wildcards, but probably in specific locations / situations?


Edit: With a 4-hero party, the reward for a Legendary scenario is 'only' 190 gold. So, the rewards follow the equation 70 + 30*n. Graphics and text in-game are for the correct 50+50*n.

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