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Riposte Build for Devil of Caroc - help welcome

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I am trying to build the Devil of Caroc into a Riposte Rogue Tank. My main concern here is keeping the micro pretty low, ideally guiding the first strike, switching weapons and then letting the AI take care of most of the fight.

As such the build avoids the micro intensive -albeit very effective- disengagement focus.


Talents and Abilities


LVL1 Blinding Strike (auto)

LVL2 Veteran's Recovery

LVL3 Dirty Fighting

LVL4 Vicious Fighting

LVL5 Reckless Assault

LVL6 Deflecting Assault

LVL7 Riposte

LVL8 Weapon and Shield Style

LVL9 Deep Wounds

LVL10 Weapon Focus: Ruffian

LVL11 Deathblows

LVL12 Penetrating Shot

LVL13 Crippling Strike / Withering Strike / Sap

LVL14 Cautious Attack / Superior Deflection / Prestidigitator Missiles / any defensive / Runner's Wounding Shot

LVL15 Crippling Strike / Withering Strike / Sap

LVL16 Cautious Attack / Superior Deflection / Prestidigitator Missiles / any defensive / Runner's Wounding Shot



Head: Executioner's Hood / Lavender Wreath / Tempered Helm / Azalin's Helmet

Neck: Mantle of the Excavator (for the Perception Boost)

Gloves: Rabbit Fur Gloves / Ryona's Vambraces / Glittering Gauntlets

Belt: Binding Rope

Feet: Glanfathan Stalking Boots / Viettro's Formal Footwear / ???

Ring 1: Ring of Protection

Ring 2: Ring of Deflection

Weapon set 1:  Silver Flash

Weapon set 2: Nightshroud and Badgradr's Barricade


The build has quite a few interlocking parts which make me question what would be the best (or at least the least bugged) path to take.

1) Do Glittering Gauntlets on the defense, Binding Rope and Lavender Wreath stack? If they do not stack Binding Rope is the best choice here as it retaliates a Sneak Attack-able condition to attackers.

2) If I was still set on using both Glittering Gauntlets and Binding Rope, would Dazed from gauntlets on the offense trigger? Which defensive retaliatin would get suppressed (Dazed from gauntlets, Stuck from Binding Rope or both)

3) Am I missing some more effective choices in footwear?

4) I am defaulting rings to Protection and Deflection, is there any more viable choice?

5) One of the ideas I had was using Silver Flash + Withering Strike or Runner's or Crippling Strike or Sap in order to get an opponent to two Sneak Attack-able conditions for deathblows, switch to Weapon and Shield and finish him with a scroll or Prestidigitator's Missiles. Is Prestidigitator's too weak for the intended purpose? Is there any other viable ranged weapon that grants or allows for Sneak Attack-able conditions to consider?

6) Both the main weapon, the shield and Thrust of Tattered Veil deal bashing damage. Am I better off with another main weapon? Nightshroud is pretty synergistic with Blinded from abilities, itself and Silver Flash


Thank you for your time

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Why no Escape or Adept Evasion? Two of the best abilities for a defensive Rogue imo. Your equipment setup is also lacking anything that inflicts standing Retaliation, which wastes some of Deep Wounds' potential.


3) Am I missing some more effective choices in footwear?

4) I am defaulting rings to Protection and Deflection, is there any more viable choice?


3. Boots of Stability and Fenwalkers are nice since Fortitude attacks are one of the few things that pose a serious threat to a tanky Devil. Shod-in-Faith are decent as well if no one else has them. Even a tanky character will get hit by a crit at some point.

4. Iron Circle is a solid alternative. Low Health is the major disadvantage of defensive Rogues, and this item remedies it somewhat.


Weapon-wise, you've got tons of options. Anything with on-hit or on-crit is nice, so's anything with Annihilating or Endurance drain. I'm personally not a big fan of Nightshroud. Its one good perk (extra Shadowing Beyond) is kind of wasted on this build.


I'm also not too fond of the Barricade shield since you're giving up a fair amount of DPS for the chance at a damage proc. It works well enough with this setup though, and it does have some flavour to it.

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Binding Rope and Lavender Wreath don't stack, one suppresses the other. normal retaliation would also get suppressed. Glittering Gauntlets (daze) will stack because they don't work via retaliation but via your own active weaon attacks.


Godanythunyr instead of Nightshroud is better in my opinion. To damage types and stun on crit. If you combine this with Binding Rope you will cause stuck via retaliation, then cause a stun with the hammer and then follow up with a Thrust of Tattered Veils on Deathblows. Enemy's dead.


Weaker alternatives: We Toki or Cladhaliath. Starcaller with Spell Striking Minoletta's Minor Missiles is also very nice with max DR bypass (Penshot, Ryona's Vambraces) and Deathblows.


Best offensive boots are Boots of Speed in my opinion. Reach your target faster = more dps. Boots of Stability or Fenwalkers are very nice, I agree.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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