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Can't repair deck at the end of first mission from Rise of the Goblins (Collection empty?) | Infinite gold bug



Game Version: Steam (Windows 10)

Campaign: Rise of the Goblins

Mission: Dare or Dare


Party Members: Ranzak, Poog, Seelah (goblin version), Seoni (goblin version)




As the reward for the first mission, I chose +1 blessing as Seelah's card feat reward. As I didn't get any new blessing cards this run, after Resupply, the game takes me to "Repair Deck" mode, as Seelah is one blessing short. However, my Collection is empty, not allowing me to add another blessing, and getting me stuck.


If I quit to main menu at this point, I'm taken back to Resupply afterwards, re-adding all the items I banished for gold (in effect giving me access to infinite gold); after resupply, I'm again stuck.


Seems like the game thinks my Collection is empty here, which I don't think it should be? (and, you know, infinte gold bug)

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Strange that my account doesn't have the save. Checked the Steam settings, but I don't see any possibility to set Steam cloud settings for Pathfinder Adventures.


I located the file in the saves folder, and uploaded it to my Google Drive. Won't help me keep going (I'll try another restart), but at least should allow you to diagnose.



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Sorry for the double post. Can't update the previous one, as I can't yet see it (moderator approval). But... 


Update: I removed my original party, created a new one from the same characters. After being able to Resupply/Repair the decks - again with the same set of items as last time, but now with proper access to my Collection - the game lets me start from scenario 2 "The Devil of Sandpoint", instead of the scenario 1. So I can continue unabated.


@OrionStarchild: this may work for you as well.

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I just reproduced the same error. Same location

User Matsu Kurisu #2721

Party = G.Seoni, G.Kyra, G.Harsk, G.Amri

G.Harsk went +1 Ally, G.Amri went +1 Blessing

G.Amri not able to get a blessing from Collection.

G.Harsk can get Ally from Collection


Playing with

iPad mini 4th Gen iOS 10.3.3

Primary party


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I've been stuck on this all month. I finished Dare or Dare and could not resupply. I disbanded my party and was able to move on to The Devil of Sandpoint but I'm still short on cards and am not getting the option to add from the collection when I rebuild. Playing on an iPad, player kreniigh #5760.

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