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Graphical glitch in Collection



After the newest update, I noticed a new control for switching between Rise of the Runelords and Rise of Goblins, which is somewhat glitched graphically. I am playing on Android tablet with landscape orientation of the screen (if it is relevant) and the caption of the current adventure deck has two double-sided arrows (one below, one to the right). Both seem to react independently of each other (and positioning two different images at the same place), switching between RotR and RoG. That is, you can switch both the buttons in such way that there are pictures for RotR and RoG at the same time in the same place, overlapping.

As I do not have RoG, I cannot confirm if the switching of the deck works with the bottom button, the right one, both or none. If somebody else sees the same glitch, could you check that, please? :) Thanks

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