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Scarlet and Green Cabochon bug



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Upon further testing, the bug only applies when I have the Black Arrow long bow, which does have a strength modifier...but a combat one.

I observed the same, but never tried ranged weapons (I was using it with Kyra and Amiri). Strangely, the Cabochon can be used even with Holy Light, which is a complete nonsense (not even Melee check) and should be corrected.

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Rejoice! Now the item cannot be used in combat. Problem solved.
Valeros and Amiri are sad but I guess sometimes sacrifices must be made for the greater good.

Joking aside I haven't actually tested if this works in non combat melee checks; only that it doesn't work with combat melee ones. The item still works with fortitude checks.
Oh well, the item was too OP for combat.

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