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Crash on start (Android 4.4.4)



Pathfinder Adventures is crashing on boot, right after the splash screen, without exception.


I haven't played the game since the month of release, and I was trying to start it to connect the two versions. I have already used the report function to send Obsidian the system logs. I can't access my PFID, to help you find my account.


My tablet is a Mipad, so it's a Tegra K1 with 2GB of RAM.


I'm speculating that perhaps the problem has something to do with me not having played the game in so long. Maybe my player data is corrupt, somehow.


I have cleared the cache and data, I have reinstalled the game, and I have cleared google play store's data as well.




Edit: I managed to install it on my mobile phone. The screen is way too small and the phone is too slow, but it worked, at least enough for me to get my PFID, which is:



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