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Rise of the Runelords Bundle for $31

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Got email from Obsidian, because I had kickstartered others games about current promo.


I said OK, let's check it. It says I can get 10% discount on Steam because I'm cool and if I had RotR or spent $25+ on other stuff also with Obsidian DLC pretty much equal to RotR bundle.


1. But my tablet asks me for more than $31 (converted from local currency) for this RotR bundle, what got wrong?


2. Steam version asks me €17.24 ($19.56) / probably €15.40 ($17.47) with mentioned 33% discount, for the same game on PC - shouldn't they be on all platforms for single purchase money? There's option to link them on tablet.


3. That's $48 for whole game (during SteamSales), is that correct?

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Steam is notorious about it sales... if it could sell mobile games you could get them cheaper. It is the walmart of pc programs.


But if you want to get it cheaply to your mobile. Buy the Steam version and then download the game to you mobile device and link those two accounts. After the link is made all your purhases from the Steam Are Also available to you mobile device.

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3. That's $48 for whole game (during SteamSales), is that correct?


Not quite.  Once you link your mobile version and PC version, your account is the combination of the content you own.  


If you're just getting in on Pathfinder Adventures now, what you should do is:

1. Buy the Standard Edition or Obsidian Edition on steam while it still on sale for 25% off for the next ~20 hours, apply your 10% coupon

2. Download the app for free on iOS/Andriod

3. Link your mobile account and PC account

4. Enjoy all the stuff you just purchased for PC, on your mobile platform for free!


Net costs should be in the neighborhood of $17 US (Basic Ed.) or $26 US (Obs. Ed.) and you will be able to use the content across all of your platforms.

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