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  1. Any update on this? Just checked out one of the characters packs and still it ask me for $40 in local currency. For characters I already have in RoTR bundle btw. Do you really think asking $40 for four skins is fair price? That's the cost of all three major campaigns of Starcraft 2 just for comparison.
  2. When I connect to Asmodee, my PlayFabID changes to that one of android (having only 5 chests), when I logout it goes back to Steam one (Obsidian pack, no chests). When I change that ID on Android to Steam's one, where will the chests go? Will it change my PlayFabID on Asmodee, so I could be both connected and not lose stuff? Update: So I was able to link my Android to Steam - when I used Steam's PlayFabID on Android, it didn't refused it as nonexisting (as it did in opposite direction) and I see all my stuff on Android too, including those 5 chests (and see those on Steam too, so merge completed). But when I login into Asmodee, my PlayFabID is set back to Android's one. And I haven't found a way, how to reset it to my Steam's PlayFabID (primary one now)... / Manual as good as it is, should be extended with more info about PlayFabID, what it is and how doest it relate to Asmodee. Game offers both functionalities and it's really confusing /
  3. Btw. why should we merge our devices (PC, Android,...) at all, when we log to Asmodee account - shouldn't that handle the issue?
  4. I installed game on tablet, where I got 5 chests and nothing else there. And logged into Asmodee account. Then I bought Obsidian version on Steam, where I got all adventurers, legendary dices, 6000gp,... Then I logged into Asmodee account there too and all Obsidian stuff was gone. That I didn't expected. (I expected it would be merged together so that I would have Obsidian version + 5 stashes). Altough both versions of game appeared connected to Asmodee, I tried to linking devices but that failed on several attempts with "wrong PFID" (nope, verified their corretness several times). So that didn't helped either. When writing this to support I launched steam version again to see how are the chests named (chest / cache / etc) and looks like I'm disconnected from Asmodee and have all stuff I expected to have (but the 5 chests from android). I'm quite afraid to reconnect to Asmodee... Edit: I probably managed to fix everything but my PlayFabID on Asmodee account.
  5. So good for me than, that I didn't knew about game before it got released on Steam I also googled hardware version of game and fortunately doesn't have enough in gaming budget
  6. Got email from Obsidian, because I had kickstartered others games about current promo. I said OK, let's check it. It says I can get 10% discount on Steam because I'm cool and if I had RotR or spent $25+ on other stuff also with Obsidian DLC pretty much equal to RotR bundle. 1. But my tablet asks me for more than $31 (converted from local currency) for this RotR bundle, what got wrong? 2. Steam version asks me €17.24 ($19.56) / probably €15.40 ($17.47) with mentioned 33% discount, for the same game on PC - shouldn't they be on all platforms for single purchase money? There's option to link them on tablet. 3. That's $48 for whole game (during SteamSales), is that correct?
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