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Wand of magic missiles

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It works just as it should be. Arcane trait is different than arkane skill or arcane die.


So wand of Force missile gives 4d4 damage and the damage type is arcane, Magic, attack and Force.

It does not give arcane die because it does not give arcane skill.


For example Spell force missille gives arcane skill + 2d4 and the damage type is Magic, arcane, attack, force

So you Also get your arcane die.

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Okay... I believe that the Wand of Force Missile should activate Ezren the Evoker's Force Expertise power to add 2 to an Arcane Force check.
The short explanation is:
- In playing the Wand of Force Missile for a combat check, the traits from that card get added to the check.
- Additionally, the text of that card explicitly states to add both the Arcane and Force traits to the check.
- Even if Ezren is not using his Arcane die, the check is an Arcane Force check, and Force Expertise should trigger.
I swear this must have come up before around here.  I know it has been answered by the game developers on Paizo's Forums.  

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
>...put another way is a check with the arcane trait the same as an arcane check?

Rulebook: Play Cards and Use Powers That Affect the Check (Optional). wrote:
>Traits also determine the type of check; for example, if you’re attempting a combat check and you played a weapon that added the Ranged trait, it counts as a Ranged combat check.

So yes, a check with the Arcane trait is an Arcane check.
Hawkmoon269 wrote:
>And also, when Ezren's Evoker power says add to "your arcane check" does "your" mean (1) a check Ezren is making or (2) a check made with Ezren's skill?

A check Ezren is making.
So yes, when Evoker Ezren uses a Wand of Force Missile, and has the appropriate feat, he gets to add 2 to it.


I don't think I've missed any rules errata that would have changed this.  In theory, you should even be able to play an Acolyte to add an additional 1d4 to the wand's check.


I tend to avoid both those cards so I suppose that's why I've never noticed anything funny with the Wand of Force Missile in the digital app...

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