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"Before you play a spell" checks not working



Hello -

There are a few banes in the game that have text similar to this (this one is from the Hag monster):

"Before you play a spell that has the Attack trait, succeed at an Arcane or Divine check or you may not play spells that have the Attack trait."

Every time I encounter these cards, it skips the check - I just get wholesale blocked from playing Attack spells. It's happened in a number of different scenarios (though I think it was Ezren every time). Let me know if you need any more info to track down the bug!

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I have barely played since the patch, but in case it hasn't changed...


Try to play a spell that has the 'lock' symbol on it. Click it, drag it, whatever, and the check to see whether you can play an attack spell will popup and you may complete the check. Defeating it should remove the lock symbols.


In other words, in these encounters the spells all show up as locked until you attempt to play them - the lock is more of a warning that you'll have to do a check, rather than a prevention. This was likely to prevent player frustration from either having to make checks that weren't relevant ("I was going to use a weapon anyway!") or making misplays ("Ah shoot I forgot I'd have to make an extra check. If I'd have known that I would have checked to see if the rest of the party had a blessing to help me first!").


If it doesn't let you play a 'locked' spell through any means (drag, click, zoom-and-click), then it's certainly a bug.

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