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The more manly.......?

Which of these guys is probably the manliest?  

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  1. 1. Which of these guys is probably the manliest?

    • Carth Onasi
    • Darth Malak
    • Atton Rand

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I don't know about any of the three being 'manlier' or more 'masculine' than the other. But I do know who of them garners my full attention. After Malak wiped out a significant portion of Taris, he instantly became (at least on surface appearances) the most dangerous and imbalanced of the three. And after pulling the same stunt on Dantooine, he became (in my eyes) Public Enemy # 1.


Saul was just a toady, who I saw as likely to die anyways. My PC wasn't about to strike him down, but I figured Carth would if given the chance (guess he isn't such a wimp after all, if he's willing to waste a guy after he's been downed <_< ). But luckily for him, Saul bit the big one on his own.


And as for Atton, (I haven't seen a pic of him, or if I have, haven't identified it as him) that 'shirt-lifter' impression might just be a ploy. I think he's the dude that starts off with you at the beginning (as in showing up ala Morte [PS:Torment], in the 'Hawk). Which leads me to question his abilities and true allegiance. For all we know he could be a Sith agent or one of the Sith Lords himself (damn, I'm starting to sound like Carth!  :ph34r: - and despite all that, I have to be mindful that his instincts are sharper than most people give credit for. His initial suspicions were largely dead on after all in KotOR  :ph34r: ).

:lol::lol: :D :):blink::rolleyes:

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