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Simple(?) question about Unclaimed tab

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It's been way too long since playing this game...


Anyways, I have two questions about treasure cards.


1. Are treasure cards added to pool of possible cards in location decks (according to location deck building rules ofc, correct location deck etc. etc.)


2. If question 1. was yes, can I salvage all cards in my Unclaimed tab for little extra gold and still have a chance of encountering given cards in location decks? (If so, how would it be easiest to go with this? - Guess that makes a 3rd question :p)


I'm asking these questions because I wish to play the game "as intended". Getting extra card _possibilities_ is nice addition but giving those cards for "free" is in my opinion bull____ and breaks the idea of building deck by playing (as originally intended).


EDIT: Also, I noticed that the game forces me to resupply from "Unclaimed" before allowing deck repair (Can't use basic cards to "repair" if I have such card in Unclaimed) - I don't think this is good, even in the case it's working as intended.

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1. Yes

2. Yes

3. while Badler would have a more descriptive response on why we're giving away free copies (simply: it makes treasure chests feel better with instant gratification, a lot of people were confused about the whole opening a chest to only need to find them in game to actually aquire them), it's completely optional to add them to your deck. You can just sell them all for money :)



As for your EDIT, I'll bring this up with our designer BAdler, and let you know if this will be changed in the next patch.

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