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Is salvaging gone? (android version)

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There used to be a feature in your Vault to salvage multiple copies of treasure cards you don't need. I now have plenty of cards I want gone (I seriously don't want to encounter that fox again) but no way to remove them from my vault. The salvage option that used to appear on treasure cards in the vault is gone and I have no idea how to get rid of those cards.


Did you notice this too or is it a bug in my game?


Edit: It's also possible that I was just (un)lucky in encountering that card since the new cards go to the unclaimed portion of loot, but it just seems wierd.

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It's a bug that's scheduled to be fixed in the next update. A dev has stated that the update is ready but is waiting for Apple to check it and put it through to the iOS store, but they didn't mention regarding Android (but I assume the fix is in place there as well, and also waiting on approval).

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