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  1. There used to be a feature in your Vault to salvage multiple copies of treasure cards you don't need. I now have plenty of cards I want gone (I seriously don't want to encounter that fox again) but no way to remove them from my vault. The salvage option that used to appear on treasure cards in the vault is gone and I have no idea how to get rid of those cards. Did you notice this too or is it a bug in my game? Edit: It's also possible that I was just (un)lucky in encountering that card since the new cards go to the unclaimed portion of loot, but it just seems wierd.
  2. I've finished adventure 2 on normal and got four loot cards (instead of the whole five, but whatever) and one of the Loot cards was an item (mask) that I didn't want at that moment. When it was time to assign which cards my party will keep and which they will leave behind I decided to leave that mask behind. Now I'm having second thoughts. It's a unique Loot and I'm a completionist. Is there any way to get that card back? Or for that matter to get any good rare item back that I had to discard in favor of other items? Did my party lose that item forever? I've read the forums and the clo
  3. Same here. But you did fix the game not starting on older devices bug. Thank you! I was afraid I wouldn't have had Pathfinder for the weekend
  4. Have you tried playing through another scenario? Assuming it is just leftover effects from the forfeited scenario, it should clear out when you complete another. As reported above, it doesn't look like the -1 restriction was a permanent modification. It was just a lingering effect that never properly got wiped out during the forfeit. I did and it went away! Thank you! Completing the 1st adventure on normal setting got rid of the hand size penalty.
  5. Same problem here. I forfeited a scenario (which may have had the -1 hand size restriction, but I don't remember) and after that the hand size power is unselected for all of my characters. Curiously it's also unselected for my thief who have previously upgraded to hand size 6. So her profile just shows hand size 6 (unselected) instead of the starting hand size 5/6 (with 5 selected). Is there any solution? Or should I start from scratch?
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