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Bad Account Merges [iOS/Steam]

Ethics Gradient


Just merged my new steam account and my old iOS account.


All my old iOS stuff was intact, the new dice from the steam DLCs came through fine, but all the treasure cards from steam didn't survive the merge.


I'm sure it will get fixed eventually, but if anyone else has merge problems, might as well post here.  PlayFab is probably getting hammered with requests right now, so I'm likely not the only one.



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Sit tight if you have merge issues.  Top Men are already on it.



DLCs worked just fine for me... until I attempted to merge accounts.  Something must have errored-out and now they're all gone. :shrugz:  

Anyhow, I hope everyone else is having good luck so far.  The influx of new users is probably giving PlayFab the hug-of-death right now.

I'll send this over to Ryan. He was noticing a bunch of PlayFab errors related to merging.
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