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Whats new? News? Announcements, Cool Stuff?

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It would help to know from when you're referencing from, like what's new from what point.


Though, what I know:


Combat doesn't seem extremely different from PoE1, the basics and all that are still there, but a lot of the new stuff is a bit more subtle. Things like improved graphics, dynamic dodging, some UI stuff....


Fig update on Neketaka: https://www.fig.co/campaigns/deadfire?update=273#updates


Really, I'd just read the fig updates.


And Josh Sawyer has been doing lots of teasers and info tweets: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/92515-josh-sawyers-tweets-and-teasers/


PoE2 is supposed to be huge, though I'm not sure if any actual numbers have been put down as to how much bigger it is than PoE1.

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Most of the info we have is from the fig campaign. If you havent go to the fig deadfire page and look through the updates. We haven't heard much since the campaign ended.


There is a pinned thread here on the forums compiling all the teasers from Josh - nothing groundbreaking but it's showcasing some fancy new features and graphical I provements.


We can also expect some presence at E3. We might learn something new, or maybe see some gameplay footage advertising what we already know.


Mechanics are still in progress and while there are some hints about the changes coming I am still not sure how they work exactly.

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​Am gonna be an ass about this, but here it goes.


Ive been busy with work. Whats been going on with DF recently? any new news or cools stuff announced?



Check your e-mail for updates and also these sites:




Seriously, the world doesn't revolve only around you.

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It would be of small avail to talk of magic in the air...

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