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Josh Sawyer's Fallout Role-Playing Game

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A bit of background first: as most people (on this forum, at least) will know, Fallout was originally intended to be the first-ever CRPG implementation of the GURPS system. That didn't work out, and so the SPECIAL system was born.
In 2004, Obsidian's very own Josh Sawyer began work on his own Fallout RPG. This wasn't the first attempt - he mentions that at the time of writing a fan version had already been created. Another notable attempt was Jason Mical's Fallout Pen and Paper - in 2006 the author also worked at an official d20 Fallout, but that was shelved after the rights to the franchise were sold to Bethesda.

Sawyer's Fallout was hosted on a wiki on his personal website, but at some point the wiki was taken down. Its contents were archived by Ausir on another wiki, but eventually got overwritten by other users attempting to build on it (and occasionally rework it completely), until practically nothing left of the original remains...until now.
Basically, I went through all the pages on the Fallout PnP wiki, went back through the page history to Ausir's original archive of Sawyer's Fallout, and compiled all those pages into a single PDF document in LaTeX - the idea was to have a record of it somewhere, and to compile it into a single rulebook to present in a more traditional way. I cleaned up some of the formatting, but I wanted to avoid changing the content of the rules. Some of the chapters are very short, and some are empty entirely. Some parts of the rules are several versions ahead of other parts (I got confused about action points, and I think the way that skill levels and possible attributes scale were changed at some point), and other parts are mutually contradictory. I have left all this the way that I found it.
I have attached the PDF to this post, and I will host it on my Dropbox for a little while along with the .tex file that was used to make it, in case you want to make an improved version of what I've done, build on it for your own work (provided you give credit to Josh, of course), or whatever else. If you like it, save it - if this search has taught me anything, it's that it's easy for things like this to disappear from the internet!
Attached File  J_E__Sawyer_s_Fallout_Role_Playing_Game.pdf   490.12KB   26 downloads

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