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[Digital] Does reshuffle work with location deck?

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I've noticed one thing when playing. In most cases if I fail to defeat a bane, the location deck is reshuffled, however this undefeated bane is the top card.


This does not happen always, but definitely more often than it should? Probably 5 cards left on average, so I should re-encounter the same bane in 20% of cases. But it seems to happen 80% of times.


Did anyone else notice this?

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I've occasionally felt the same way, and it certainly wouldn't be the first time it came up on these forums.  But I can't really come up with a working theory besides humans having a terrible perception bias.
By all analysis, the shuffling RNG is fair in its implementation, and works properly when the game uses it.  Though, I sometimes wonder if there are situations where the game inadvertently does a "Shuffle Under Top" (like after a successful Augury), when the rules should dictate a "Shuffle Everything" kind of shuffle.
I'm just guessing, but the problem (if there is a problem) is likely not so much a matter of randomness, it is that the game appears to have different shuffles for different situations, and possibly a card bug or UI glitch is affecting the implementation.

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