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Here is the final Best Cards in ADx review. I hope that you have enjoyed the post and especially the game.


There are so many terrific cards in AD6, but picking the best was a simple choice for me. It's why I built a new Paladin. If you haven't figured it out yet, look no further.


My pick for best card in AD6 is the Ring of Superior Protection. When I build a party for high level adventuring, every toon will carry one.



Ranged - Slaying Bow. So good, I can't say enough good about this. I made a new Lini just so she could carry this.

Melee - Slayer Scythe, but I have not seen the other melee slayer weapons



Divine - Invoke. More turns...this was an easy pick among several excellent AD6 divine spells

Arcane - Sign of Wrath. But, I've never seen Whirlwind.



Light - Leopard Leather. If feels like adding +3 to dex and acrobatics is the best of the lot.

Heavy - Adamantine Plate Armor. It works better if your toon already has inherent resistance.

Shield - Entropy Shield has a reveal. But I'd rather keep AD5 Spell Ward Shield anyway



Ring of Superior Protection - Everyone should have one. Supplement this with Sihedron Ring, or Ring of Energy resistance

Robes of Zin-Shalast - A favorite of every arcane caster



Liberated Blue Dragon. I worked countless times to farm this guy. Now you can't part me from him.

Clockwork Dragonling. Works fantastically with Ezran Scholar.


Like and respond. I enjoy reading them. Thanks

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Melee - Chellan, Sword of Greed.  Don't lose it in the final scene.



Could you explain why you rate this card so highly? It always looked sub-par to me, so much so that I don't think I've ever bothered picking it up after earning it.

Actually, I don't. I rate the slayer weapons higher. But I have only seen the Scythe. I can't comment on the others slayers.

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