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Any word on these? I did not like the arbitrary grouping of weapons in weapon focus talents. If you wanted a greatsword Fighter, the system would heavily push you into using Arbalest / Arquebus for ranged weapon because they are in the same group. I would rather have that focus in heavy blades, or 2-handed blades instead of getting some very random weapons in the same category.


The groups didn't make much sense either. "Adventurers" wouldn't focus in cumbersome weapons like Pollaxe that's more a weapon of a guard or pikeman type soldier. "War Bow" is in the adventurer category instead of Soldier for whatever reason. Knights and Soldiers pretty much have weapons in their respective categories that should be in both.


I hope the weapon focus categories will receive an overhaul.

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This has been addressed. Any one can use any weapon, but having weapon proficiencies (like focus) will allow you to use them in unique ways (i.e. Weapon Focus: War Bow unlocks Penetrating Shot as a modal for a character using a War Bow, etc)

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Are profs their own thing or do they use talents?

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I'd like them to do kinda like Fencing Schools, where you learned particular 'styles' and techniques, with maybe needing to sign up to a school to learn them and having rival schools that would beat each other up in the street.  Fencing Schools by the way do not focus just on rapiers, you had ones for Longsword fighting, pollaxing people etc and many actually taught a collection of weapons so that you always knew how to handle an appropriate weapon for the situation (kinda like the focus groups I felt were going for).

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