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Dominate lasts a fraction of a second



I am on the third floor of the endless paths and fighting the Ogres and Ogre Druids that are found there. I've hit and crit with dominate on both the Ogres and the Ogre Druids, the effect lasts for all of a fraction of a second and then they lose the dominate effect. I'm using Puppet Master with Grieving Mother.


It's really frustrating in what is proving to be a difficult fight. I'm on the latest patch.



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https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/80644-puppet-master/ I suppose if you get them all (no hostiles left), that counts too.

For me it is with multiple enemies still actively engaged in combat and of course I read the combat log, these are hits and crits, with ten+ seconds shown as the time but then it disappears.


I play on PotD and charm and dominate work as expected on other enemies.


Do ogres have some kind of resistance to charm and dominate? Does someone from Obsidian have any input on this because I tried to search for other people with this issue and didn't find anything.

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