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I can never get this to actually work for more than 1 or 2 seconds. The combat log says it should be applied for 11seconds but it just instantly breaks, is it broken or am i doing something wrong?

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You are likely seeing the result of your attack grazing enemies rather than hitting them. (check your combat log for the attack to confirm or deny) Grazes do a lot less damage than normal and grazed status has far shorter duration than normal, so if you're only getting a second or two of mileage from your debuff then odds are that you just grazed. To avoid grazes, focus your attack on enemies with a weaker defense (In this case ones who have a low will), debuff their defense before dropping your attack on them, and apply accuracy buffs to your own attacker.


The other thing to note with Charm and Domination in particular, though, is that if you apply it to the only hostile target in the fight, the debuff will vanish on its own about a second or two later, presumably because the charmed/dominated enemy has nobody to fight. So if you are getting legit hits, that would be the other likely culprit.

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