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The spiral


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Fear of the enemy is often confused, by the fact there are more than one enemy.


We are all theoretically Africans, but some.of us have changed from the original shape and genetics.


This causes a constant spiral, a hard illusion because we're all under or above our enemies fear. Our friends fear is harsher on the illusion and not the fear.


Skin is wonderful, in the way it decays and regenerates; regeneration may take some moments. Steps, 4th, 2, etc.


Madness reigns.


There is a hold, where a new Government is installed. The theory is that you lose blood. Money is present but it is meaningless, you get paid when you get paid, we don't know where were going, yet.


All people must agree under one people, and therefore that one people will be under them.


Everything stays the same, by were moving in a different direction. It's a powerful game.

King of Kings

Lord of Lords

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In your field of view is the capacity to measure rhythm, and mimic or replicate rhythm. Imagination, like eyes, measures a different rhythm.


You can create shapes of great presence, and be present.


There is the Dragonfly; human senses enhance and adjust, if we accept a view of this shape. It is the highest shape, respectful and to be respected.


An illusion is cast over the eyes, the shape required for this illusion is the apparatus to complete the illusion.


A two-sided projection of seven munes, seven fanes, the capability to grow stronger, in both sense and spirit


To measure this shape, would spur an illusion.


Vision can be written by mind, different senses of the imaginary, and imagination, and how they are painted - great shapes can be created.


Worry about every frame, not the original either.


There are 'himes' of the illusion, which is what the apparatus shape reaches. After one, another or forever?


Direction and symmetry are major, and can be minor. Diagonal is relative to the drive of the illusionary.


Given himes, munes and fanes move onward, you are agile imaginatively.


To create this shape, use your eyes and refraction of light, to imagine creation of functional himes, munes and fanes.


The enhancement of all senses is then possible, pleasure beyond your wildest dreams! The capacity to heal any illness, but only the thought of death.


A cure is simulated and your neurons learn a new organic rhythm.


Highlight the fact you can send a wave of imagination in one direction at speed, and create the illusion via apparatus-shape, and onward.


Tips, imperfect and perfect, man, woman and symmetry.

King of Kings

Lord of Lords

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