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I am playing on my Asus Zenfone 2. I dont know how to fix my deck with cards i own. Anyone can help me with that?

Also is possible to add cards in vault in my deck?


I dont understand how my rogue lost hers heavy crossbow and now i have a useless quarterstaff in my deck.

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You do the customization before your first scenario. After that it is what you find from locations, or if you have to replenish missing cards.

Why, because the original tabletop game has these rules.

In story wice it is about a story. You have starting equipment and you go for adventuring to find fame, loot and XP. If you don't find anything good your equipment does not improve and sometimes some of those equipments get, broken, lost, stolen etc. aka banished and you have to manage whit what you happens to have.

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