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In general, armor is the weakest card to assign a character. You assign anything else if possible.


However, Ezren can take one card feat in armor. Then in deck five obtain the spell ward shield. When you combine this with a superior ring of protection in deck six, he can stand up to all the random damage in decks five and six. You save so many cards and blessings, and you can have such a large hand, this seems a very practical approach for the old guy.


I'm just saying, think carefully about those card assignments.

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That's not a bad idea.  I might be less inclined to do it with Scholar Ezren, as there's already the possibility of taking one card feat in weapon competing with the much stronger preference for spells and items, and if I'm using Scholar Ezren, I'm already trying to minimize roadblocks in his amazing deck cycling and exploration abilities.


But for a late-game feat on a well-rounded generalist/survivalist style regular Ezren, that's probably something worth trying - it makes him even more independent and versatile, and potentially doesn't hamper your other card selection anyway, since you may be saving on a defensive spell/item/ally choice.


One of the cool things about this game is it's hard to unintentionally make a "bad" character or party.  Every combination of deck, feats, characters, and so on, yields different strengths, weakness, synergies, and surprises, so keep trying new things like that.


On a related note, I have without regret selected an armor card feat for another character: Lieutenant Lem, thus allowing him to carry both Djezet Skin and Festive Wool Hide.  I mentioned their benefits in another post, and I have yet to complain about using both at once, especially when soloing or hoping for new blessings.

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