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Stuck in Sotry Mode



I have started working my way through the Legendary missions in story mode and am part way through 4-1. I had a character facing Longtooth as a summon on an enchanter and selected the summon monster spell than cancelled it and went with Sign of Wrath instead. After rolling the dice a monster was summoned anyway and a fight occured. Then it came up with the option to evade or continue from sign of wrath. I chose continue and couldn't go any further. I restarted the game, went back in to story mode and again it comes up with the option to evade or continue. No matter which one I choose I cannot go any further or select anything else. Not even the vault or settings menu (although it makes the sound when I select those buttons). Because I cannot select the settings cog I cannot even forfeit the mission to try again. I have tried clearing the cache, but have not cleared the game data yet as I am afraid I will loose my game progress. What are my options to retain my progress and be able to continue playing story mode?

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You will be able to access the higher adventures based on the "completion" of the characters in your party - for example since you reached 4-1, you should be able to start there.  But I think you lose the heroic/legendary completion records so you'd have to start over if you're trying to get the reward for completing everything on heroic/legendary.


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