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I don't like camping supplies limit

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Hi, first of all, I must say, I really like Pillars. Great game, has this BG and IWD feeling, and it feels like D&D mechanics modernised to fit in CRPG of our times.

But out of all mechanics in the game, there's one I don't like- camping supplies limit.
I understand how there's need for a limit on rests, but on me, limit of how many CS I can lift have the opposite effect.
During my playthoughs of BG, IWD and many more RPGs, I always felt that there's no time for rest every 5 minutes, and resting frequently broke my immersion and felt extremally out of character, so I learned how to manage resources (potions, scrolls, spells, special abilities, and, most of all, hit points), but in Pillars, I'm constantly at cap of supplies, and I play a wizard, with custom druid, Aloth, Durance, Eder and Sagani in my party. I started playing a more nuking gamestyle, without saving as many per rest abilities as I usually do, and when often I clear a wilderness map with 1/3 to 1/2 spells remaining, and supplies to loot. I've never bought a single camping supply item, and play path of the damned.

So, I either rest when I don't really need to, or I leave valuable resource behind, and will have to remember (or write down) where it is (I didn't notice a custom mapnote like in BG2) for when I' need it.

I even tried to find a mod that would increase or lift a limit on max supply camps, but it seem to no longer work.

I don't really know what I want from posting it here, I just though I'll share. I feel, that it would be nice, if supplies when player is at max, instead of staying in container would be send to stronghold treassury, so they aren't lost, but aren't making game too easy.

Sorry if I beat on a dead horse, or resurrect an old discussion, I've read some threads like this, but I don't think I've found someone that shared my experience on that.

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So... you're saying, you don't need to rest very often, so you're always capped and you're leaving free camping supplies behind?


OK, but they cost like two cents and are widely available in many shops, so it's not like you ever need to bother about the ones you leave behind, unless the thought of leaving anything of the slightest of value gives you the shivers.


As you say, sending the excess automatically to stash would make sense.

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Ye i agree  Tigranes, "I leave valuable resource behind", I dont think camping supplies are valuable. I just wouldn't sweat it. Think of it as a challenge. The devs think you cant make it only this far without resting but i know i dont needs to so i am better at the game than the devs thought. Also remember the devs balanced the game around normal and hard they didn't balance the game for potd and this includes camping supplies.

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(not sure how much of a necro is okay around here, but within 6 months seems reasonable)


I'm finding myself using the camps a lot to refresh the spell counters on the spellcaster characters. At level 4 though, so, kinda in the early part.

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I don't think there is a right way to do it. You should play in the way that's the most fun for you.


I only used the camping supplies that I found on the map a few times when I first started playing. Since then, I wait to get the buffs at inns (which some people would probably consider its own form of cheat).


You can think of them as a suggestion by Obsidian for how often you should need to rest and gauge whether the game is too hard for you or too easy based on that but that's just a guideline. If you prefer being underleveled and needing to rest more, camping supplies are cheap and freely available. If you prefer never needing to rest, that's fun too. Obviously, they knew it was possible to use far less than the supplies available on the map because there's an achievement "No Rest For the Pro" (or something like that. I got it on PotD so it's definitely possible to play through with only a few rests. That was a long time ago, though. Probably 1.04 or 1.05. I haven't played since then and am playing because of PoE2. I'll see how it goes now.

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I don't mind camping supplies. The ones you can't pick up and leave behind don't make much of a different on your cash situation. You'll never be cash strapped in this game. The whole resting part is up to you.

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