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Hello everyone,


First of all, I'm french so please excuse my poor english... 


I want to try a new "potd" run, with a complete custom party (as I always do, since even Baldur's Gate II). I already won a couple of games, and to be honest my last run was almost an easy one. It felt to me that I had the best (most op) possible party, witch was :


- Human paladin pure tank with all defensive buffs ; 

- Dwarf chanter, full tank also but summoning stuff too when needed ;

- A barbarian, with like 6 constitution and light armor (so extremely fragile) but finally the best dps of the whole team ;

- A ranged priest with gun, light armor and constantly buffing ;

- An elve druid, for big aoe dps ;

- A cypher, CC and big damage dealer too, of course you know.


Now that I launched the game again, I don't know witch one of these classes could be removed in order to play a nice ranger with wolf pet (apparently it is now doable as the pets can finally deal some damage). I was thinking ; can a priest make a good, solid tank somehow, maybe with low dexterity/high res and cons, sword and shield, pally on his side, etc. ? I would use him to replace the chanter, who I found quite boring to be honest (you wait so long for your f****** dragon that when it finally pops up, there is nobody left to kill). The priest's buffs are just too good, so he definitly stays for that next run.


The druid can also be removed, I guess. I really like some of his spells, especially the thunder one, but I think a "simple" wizard could do a better job on the long term. The problem is they alsways felt weaker than all the other classes to me. I hearded that things were different now, after the last updates, what do you think ? I don't want to be resting after every single fight just because of a lazy wizard who cannot cast more than two fireballs a days, when my barbarian slaughters tons of enemies without any complain. 


What do you guys think of the party from my previous run, and how would you improve it ? I have to say I want to try "alternative" builds if possible, like a tanky priest, or a pure dps paladin, whatever makes the game feel like different. I truly love the way the barbarian jumps into the battle after going into fury, but I would gladly replace him also, if there is a class worthing it. Just no monks, if possible...

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Well, the chanter is nice mostly for his AoE damage auras and healing. Also paladin+chanter+barbs means huge AoE damage for the endgame. Keep the priest for the buffs, the cipher for the CC and add a ranger for more single target damage. Once you get defensive mindweb this party can roll over everything without resting...

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So I remove the druid ? I don't use his shapeshifting ability anyway, by the time I do (after a couple of spells) the fight is over. Still, you don't answer this question : can the priest become my second tank and replace the chanter ? This would allow me to add a ranged rogue for even more single target dps. Yes, I had a devastating team when I reached the endgame, especially when I encountered big packs of mobs. The problem was more about bosses, as it took me some time to kill them. 


The chanter's buff are nice but I already have a priest for the job. With a ranger and a rogue, I wouldn't care much aout the summons. Or, last option, chanter instead of pally, priest as second tank, then barb, ranger, rogue and cypher. 


The main point is to try as much classes as possible and still be effective. I know my previous team was, now I want to know if I can do better. I obviously need two tanks, but most of the time my priest stays behind after launching his buffs and becomes a bit useless ; my chanter tanks right, but it takes him ages before he can summon something ; and the druid still have a limited number of spells. 

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