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Blessing of Nethys vs Favor of Nethys



I noticed a difference between the Blessing of Nethys and the Favor of Nethys: for the blessing, after examining & reordering the top 2 cards, you automatically explore/encounter the top card.  For the favor, the explore is optional (you can end your turn).  The text for the cards are the same, so I'm not sure if this behavior difference is intentional.


Also, there's a bug with the Blessing of Nethys.  If I encounter a henchman (usually Bandits for me) from the blessing's explore, you must defeat the henchman twice.


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You know, now that you mention it, I had that same thing happen with blessing of nethys before a week or two ago, on the final scenario no less. Used it to separate karzoug and the dragon, got dragon, defeated it... Then another one spawned. Couldn't beat it, and it seemed to trigger a different bug, causing the dragon to be completely undefeatable on subsequent kills. I started playing in February, so I don't know if it's older than that, but seems like it's been around from at least then :o.

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