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  1. You know, now that you mention it, I had that same thing happen with blessing of nethys before a week or two ago, on the final scenario no less. Used it to separate karzoug and the dragon, got dragon, defeated it... Then another one spawned. Couldn't beat it, and it seemed to trigger a different bug, causing the dragon to be completely undefeatable on subsequent kills. I started playing in February, so I don't know if it's older than that, but seems like it's been around from at least then .
  2. Same thing happened to me, the daily appears completed, but not contributing to the weekly.
  3. A bit of a different first post, but whatever. I did a quick search, but didn't seem to find any mentions of this bug, so it's either very recent one, or just undiscussed. I've noticed that if you use Lini's Animal trick on a strength or a Dexterity check of any kind, use shapeshift, but cancel out the discarding, the result is your animal trick die and bonuses staying despite being able to use both abilities again. The end result is that you can stack up a big wad of d4s as long as you can use both animal trick and shapeshift. This has occured in both quest mode and story mode so far, and is consistent. While amusing, it is still a big bug that probably should be fixed . Edit: Did a little tinkering with this bug to see how absurd it can get, and it seems the maximum number of d4s you can roll is 27. Combined with the static increase from animal trick damage, you can get some truly large damage numbers. Makes one wonder if Harsk and Lem have the same effect if cancelling out discard/recharge effects...
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