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Weapon attacks vs different defenses.

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I was thinking it might be fun to include some more in-depth interactions with the four defenses and weapon attacks.


I think it would make sense for ranged attacks to target reflex instead of deflection. Missiles tend to be near impossible to dodge or parry but hitting a moving target can be very difficult. The quickness and situational awareness represented by dexterity, perception, and their governed reflex defence are much more suitable for general ranged avoidance. I think the biggest flaw in this line of thinking is the effectiveness of shields against missiles (moreso arrows than bullets but w/e) but I think this would already be accounted for with the weapon and shield talent.


I would also love to see fortitude play a role in defense against powerful attacks. I thought that the barbarian ability that allows for attacks to target fortitude over deflection was pretty cool and I would love for that property to be expanded to appropriate attacks. Maybe made into a general two handed talent or part of a specialization for a weapon like morning stars and made into a property for the attacks of 'large' enemies like trolls, ogres, and dragons.

*edit* I think bypassing deflection altogether doesn't make much sense - if you dodge the blow it doesn't matter if you aren't strong enough to block it. I like more the idea of certain attacks gaining accuracy if the attacker's fortitude sufficiently exceeds the defender's.


What are your thoughts on this - too much or a premise you want to see explored?

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