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How to chose "Banish" for Armor

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Sorry if the question seems silly, but I can't seem to figure out how to Banish an Armor card for it's "reduce all damage to zero" ability.


The only option next to the card (Leather Armor) is "Discard", and the damage is regular combat damage.


Proficient allows Bury instead of Banish ... but how do I Banish?



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I have not seen that kind of bug Anytime. Most likely user have used the armor to get agility bonus, or some other bonus. Or the damage is not reduceable. So most likely one of these reasons.


Most armor cards state the following: Banish this card to reduce all damage dealt to you to 0. If you are proficient with <light/heavy> armors, bury this card instead.


You should always be able bury/banish to negate all damage unless the damage source says it "cannot be reduced". In that case you have to discard on a card-per-point basis.


If the damage can be reduced to 0, then the bury/banish button appears behind the discard one

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If you don't see an option to banish/bury, the game has already concluded that option isn't applicable.  Reasons might included:

- You already used an armor during the check sequence

- The particular damage cannot be reduced


Normally, Leather Armor should give options to Recharge, Bury/Banish, and Discard.  If the only option is to Discard, then the game has determined that you are unable to use any of the card powers to resolve the Damage phase of the check.


Could also be bugged... it's been a long time since I've had leather armor.  Let me take a look....

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Just to update, this wasn't a bug.



I had not played the App version of the game before, and had never actually seen a card Banishment.  After playing more, I realized the option displays on the right-side of the card when applicable.


I think the original problem was me overlooking the damage was coming from a Bunyip, and therefore not reducible.  



Thanks for everyone who answered.

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