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Cannot complete quest: Far From Home




No matter who I talk too, they don't want to hear it and the quest remains ever unsolved. Also ended up with two of the quest items.


Steps To Reproduce the Issue:

Talk to the Thristwin learn about the medallion, tell him you dont want to help and he says ill do it alone. 

Quest updates to go talk to Serel anyway so I did that. Itimidated then dex checked to get the medallion. Just to show her whos who for giving me a hard time, I killed her guards.

Talking to her again, seems to prompt the other way to get the medallion and she hands it over... again. So now i have two of them, went to try to give it to Thristwin but he still wants nothing to do with me. 


Overall not a big issue at all, I understand pillars 2 must be on the front burner and if this issue goes unresolved so be it. Just a pet peeve of mine to have quest left undone. 




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Ok, its not directly „next week“ but still.


This quest is a bit large too, spanning over 2 conversation trees with 100 and 120 nodes, and 6 global variables to keep track of it.

Basic answer: If you got something 2 times then the gamestate is desynct with the global variables.

Concrete answer: Oh, thats nice, you are stuck because the node 73 (first picture) has 4 options the [resolve 19] case, one for having 0 medallions and one for having exactly 1. As you have 2 the other options are not valid.

Solution: Edit [game Install Folder]/game/PillarsOfEternity_Data/data/conversations/04_defiance_bay_brackenbury/04_cv_thristwn.conversation node id 76, line 4024. Replace the EqualTo with GreaterThanOrEqualTo

Then you can finish this quest.

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So the question remains how you got 2 of the medailions.


You can get the medallion with Might and Dexterity via ids 18, 21, 25, 29, 30.


You can obtain it with (might 18) after you kill the guards on node (12 -> 2 -> ) 8

You can obtain it with paying 6000 KP, on node (50 -> ) 57

You can obtain it with paying 4000 KP (intellect 18) on node (64 -> ) 57

You can obtain it without paying (resolve 19) on node 67.


The interesting point is that none of the ways guard against duplicate giving, so you can get it 2 times. (4? needs more review)




Node 8 can only be played 1 time, so one from killing guards. -> 1 Medallion

Node 2 (before Node 8 ) needs node 50 of thristwn be played (= Quest needs to be started)

55, 15, 47, 48, 49 (6000 KP), 50 Node 55 guards against multiple buyings (nPriceMain < 2), same starting point for 4000 KP buy and for „resell“ lie -> 1 Medallion


So the bug is: Node 2 does not guard against global variable nPriceMain < 2.

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