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It would be great if Eder becomes a sidekick and Cadegund takes his companion slot

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Did she have some epic backstory?


As far as I am aware, this is what we know about Cadegund: she is female, she wears plate, she has a gun, she's a Priest of Magran, she's blonde, her name is Cadegund. That's it.


That sounds better if you read it in epic voice:

I am a girl

I am blonde

I pray to Magran

I wear armour

I have gun

My name is Cadegun

You killed my father

Prepare to DIE!


Maybe that is the rule:The less is known the more epic backstory players can tell in their minds. The less hero talks, the more sense it makes.

Rekk will be pinapple of character design.



Honestly I sometimes wonder if this is why so many 'memorable' characters are so memorable.  That the characters from Baldur's Gate seem so much better than their later works because we filled in the details ourselves rather than the devs, that it actually stopped the devs from putting the things in that made me want to murder their later characters.  I remember something similar with the graphical upgrade from Sims 1 to Sims 2: people thought the Sims's mouths moved when they talked, they could even recall it happening in their heads, but it was just their brains filling in the 'blanks'.

It would be great if you retracted this thread, and never posted such an insanely bad idea ever again.

I was ask if this was perhaps a bit harsh, but then I realised: no it isn't.  It's actually quite merciful, I would have been demanding the sacrifice of the first born myself.

"That rabbit's dynamite!" - King Arthur, Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail

"Space is big, really big." - Douglas Adams

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