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I want a main character who's a good talker, so I'm considering either a Wizard or a Chanter. 


The Wizard's recommended stats are Intelligence and Might, so I figure I'll max these. Is that a good way of doing it, or are other stats actually better?


With the Chanter, it's Intelligence again, but Constitution is also recommended. That's not particularly good for dialogue checks I suppose, but coupled with heavy armour should make him a decent tank I guess.




EDIT: In either case, I suppose one wants decent Dex in order to use guns well?

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If you want conversation options, you need intelligence, resolve and perception. You could go wizard, Int & Mig, and then put any remaining points in res and per.

Or a non-tank chanter could also work. (A non-tank wouldn't need the constitution)


Dex helps to reload guns more quickly, but its not a big deal.


To be honest though, while many people worry about conversation options, I don't think a few points of stats makes a huge difference to the overall play experience in PoE1.

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