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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone! As for the stats, I rolled up a Berserker with this: Might: 20 Constitution: 18 Dexterity: 10 Perception: 10 Intelligence: 16 Resolve: 4 I worry about the low resolve though. Would it be a problem?
  2. I finally finished PoE with my Barbarian, and I want his adventures to continue in Deadfire. When I made my PoE character, I was torn between a warrior and a spellcaster. The choice fell on the Barbarian, but since I can import my character to Deadfire and have the option to multiclass him, I'm considering making him a Warlock. I'm not sure about this though, and I have a few questions: 1) Does the world care what class I am? More to the point, do people treat me as if though I were a wizard, or does a pure Barbarian have access to the same dialogue options if he invests in the same skills? 2) Berserker will be my Barbarian subclass. Which wizard subclass (if any) harmonizes with this? I take it that buffing spells are the most important, and that nuking should be left to pure wizards. 3) In terms of power, is a Warlock worse than a pure Berserker? I liked pummeling through hordes with Heart of Fury and Abydon's Hammer in PoE1, can I expect a Warlock to be able to do this?
  3. Okay, my thinking around the character is to utilize the fact that barbarians like to be surrounded - One Stands Alone, Carnage etc sees to that. The idea is therefore to make a tank who can also give enemies a sound beating. Hence, I was thinking decent Dexterity and Perception to reliable dish out damage (I mean, characters with maxed out Might but poor Perception hardly ever achieve anything better than grazing hits anyway, or so is my feeling). So that was how I thought - using shields, heavy armour, veteran's recovery and whatnot to be able to stand in the thick of it whilst dishing it out.
  4. Thank you! I take it that I don't really need the accuracy buff from high perception then, and that dexterity can be safely lowered (face it, he's going to rock heavy armour anyway).
  5. Intended to be a barbarian tank, so sword and board, yells instead of frenzy and all that jazz. God, I'm overthinking this, but here we go again: Barbarian. Meadow Human Living Lands - Colonist Might: 15 Constitution: 15 Dexterity: 10 Perception: 15 Intellect: 13 Resolve: 10 So, a fairly balanced attribute spread, as to not incur any significant weaknesses that may make the character unwieldy. Might: Reasonably high to inflict decent damage (probably going for Weapon Focus: Knight because weapons like Edge of Reason and Sheathed in Autumn would seem to work well with this build, what with the draining effect and increased engagement, respectively). Also, to get a decent amount of healing from Veteran's Recovery. Constitution: He's going to tank and take on enemies head on, so this is high to make him sturdy. I wonder, however... Dexterity: ... if I should aim for 10 Con 15 Dex instead? Heck, being able to swing that sword or axe more often has its benefits, after all. Perception: High, because barbarians have lowish accuracy. Perhaps another argument for raising Dexterity - giving him Interrupting Blows could be a thing, after all. Intellect: Well, it increases Carnage radius. Resolve: Dumping it on a tank seems stupid.
  6. So... have I gotten this right? Aedyr - Equatorial England Deadfire Archipelago - haven't gotten into PoE2 yet, but what I see gives me a Maori Caribbean vibe. Rautai - Polynesia with mighty armadas, I suppose. Ixamitl Plains - South America and the savannah parts of Africa? Old Vailia - Italy The Living Lands - ????? The White that Wends - Greenland.
  7. So, Deadfire came out. Looks really good, and now I've decided to kick restartitis in the teeth and actually finish this game! Tried a somewhat unorthodox barbarian. Works surprisingly well so far. Then again, I'm playing on one of the lower difficulties, so it's not like I'm stress testing the build. Figured I'd just put it in here. What he looks like thus far: Barbarian Meadow Human Living Lands - Colonist Might: 20 Constitution: 18 Dexterity: 3 Intelligence: 15 Perception: 18 Resolve: 4 Barbaric Yell Veteran's Recovery Savage Defiance Weapon and Shield What I wanted was a barbarian who could tank with a shield. While I like lance barbarians, the way I built them they became horribly squishy, making their huge damage potential somewhat wasted since they would often be knocked out. Hence, I gave this guy tricked out Constitution. Yes, his Deflection is low for a tank, and that is probably the biggest problem here. Then again, his Health and Endurance pools are obscene. His attacks, while slow, are accurate and strong. He also interrupts like nobody's business, which seems like it should be a cool thing in conjunction with Carnage. I have no idea how many perks you get in this game, but I guess I'll pick up Blood Thirst and Bloodlust later on, to mitigate the attack speed issue. One Stands Alone seems like it should be a given too. Accurate Carnage, Stalwart Defiance, Interrupting Blows, Bloody Slaughter, Weapon Focus (probably peasant) all look good as well. Looks like I'll just have to carve out a path and see where it leads me. Anyway, the build works surprisingly well so far, which is kinda cool.
  8. Would I, for CC purposes, be better off with a Wizard instead of a Rogue? I reckon I could spec one of the chanters to scout ahead anyway.
  9. Okay, so how's this for an entire party then? TANKS Human Chanter 20/10/3/17/18/10 - Shield and Hatchet, Soft Winds of Death, waiting for Dragon Thrashed. Hunting bow when appropriate I guess. and Human Chanter 20/10/3/17/18/10 - Because why the hell not? The chants that hurt stack, don't they? THOSE THAT LAY DOWN THE HURT Kamikaze Barb: 20/3/15/18/18/4 - pikes and arquebuses. Bear Druid: 18/10/18/10/18/4 - for nuking and disabling, I suppose. Bear grants damage reduction, which might come in handy. UTILITY Human Ranger 20/3/18/15/18/4 - because there are guns in this game. Human Rogue 20/8/18/18/10/4 - because there are traps and locks in this game.
  10. Okay, how's this: Mig: 20 Con: 3 Dex: 18 Per: 18 Int: 15 Res: 4 We shall fight with pikes! Between the Int and the Per, I should get good dialogue options too. Any final tweaks? I figure I'll make an entire custom party, so this guy will be paired with a rock-hard tank or two.
  11. Meadow Human The Living Lands Mercenary Frenzy Might: 20 Constitution: 15 Dexterity: 18 Perception: 3 Intellect: 18 Resolve: 4 Pros and cons of this build? Should I use pikes or should I use something else?
  12. Meadow Human The Living Lands Mercenary Frenzy Might: 20 Constitution: 15 Dexterity: 18 Perception: 3 Intellect: 18 Resolve: 4 Pros and cons of this build? Should I use pikes or should I use something else? EDIT: Wrong forum, sorry.
  13. My restartitis is getting awful and I need to create a character with which to complete the game. So! A Chanter seems ideal. A linguist, a bookish seeker of lore to whom music is life, the kind of person who'd read poetry and Neil Gaiman novels. Yes, a Chanter I will be. And I will be a male Meadow Human, from the Living Lands, Scientist background. But then, I cannot decide on stats, invocations or phrases! How about this? Phrases: Thick Grew Their Tongues, Stumbling O'er Words - decreases enemy Concentration, so must be decent as a general debuff, right? Come, Come, Soft Winds of Death - maybe. Since my first phrase debuffs anyway. Or maybe it hardly affects anything? Is At the Sight of their Comrades better? Invocations: I keep hearing that the phantom one is the way to go? Stats: Here I have huge issues, but... 20 Mig: Because I keep hearing about The Dragon Thrashed, and it seems like a generally great stat. Or do you dump Might? 8 Con: Seems like a harsh thing to do on a recommended stat, should perhaps be higher? 3 Dex: Since it doesn't seem to affect much at all in a Chanter's life. 10 Per: Base. 18 Int: The most useful stat for a Chanter, I hear. 19 Res: Well... for dialogue options, mainly. I keep hearing that it's the best dialogue stat and even though it may not affect actual outcomes all that much in the end, I still care enough about the roleplaying aspect to be a decent diplomat. Then again, perhaps Int + Per achieves the same result while making for a more useful Chanter? What changes would you make to this?
  14. I want a main character who's a good talker, so I'm considering either a Wizard or a Chanter. The Wizard's recommended stats are Intelligence and Might, so I figure I'll max these. Is that a good way of doing it, or are other stats actually better? With the Chanter, it's Intelligence again, but Constitution is also recommended. That's not particularly good for dialogue checks I suppose, but coupled with heavy armour should make him a decent tank I guess. EDIT: In either case, I suppose one wants decent Dex in order to use guns well?
  15. Okay, I was under the impression that Con was more or less meaningless for a barbarian, seems that has changed. Boosted Con it is, what should be dropped?
  16. Hi. Due to restartitis and whatnot I never finished PoE. So now I'm trying again, and it seems stats have been reworked. Been a while. So, how's this for a barb? Human, Living Lands. Mig: 20 Con: 3 Dex: 15 Per: 18 Int: 18 Res: 4 Figure he'll be using greatswords or pikes.
  17. Okay, so I do not know the system well enough to game it properly, but I'll be damned if I'll stop playing this triple crown! I got killed in the Temple of Eothas in the first village. Some spiders in one of the very first rooms. They webbed us, due to my lousy micromanagement battle order broke down and squishy characters were flanked and owned. I used this: 2 Chanters as tanks. Maxed Per/Int/Res, Dex and Might at minimum, 15 Con. Hatchets, shields, scale armour and sword and shield style. Figured that two tanky summoners was a good bet, and that I could have both buffing and debuffing phrases going. 1 Barbarian as damage dealer. Maxed Int, physical stats through the roof, horrible defense. A glass cannon if you ever saw one. 1 Fighter as an off-tank with a greatsword. 1 Bear Druid. 1 Priest of Magran. So I need to learn the spells better. Any advice on why this party composition sucks?
  18. Well, made a Chanter as my main. Human, Living Lands, Scientist, M17 D3 C3 I18 P18 R19 or something like that. Rocked scale armour, a medium shield and a hatchet. At the Sight of their Comrades and Blessed was Wengridh. Chose the Thunder Rolled as my first invocation. Died at the hands of the tribesman chieftain in the very beginning. Calisca and Heodan had fallen. I attribute the incredibly premature death of my party to the fact that I spent too much time setting Heodan up for flank attacks, but the tribesmen refused to engage Calisca or the Chanter and just ran after him no matter what I did. Soon enough Heodan was knocked out, Calisca (who was only wearing padded armour) soon fell too and my brave Chanter had to face down the tribesmen himself. Eventually it was only him and the chieftain left, but despite Gaun's Pledge healing me I had some unfortunate misses with The Thunder Rolled and the enemy whittled me down. Oh well, rinse and repeat. :D
  19. Thank you! Yeah, I know I will probably die during my first few attempts, and I know I will learn from the experience - what works for me and what doesn't. Eventually I'll make it.
  20. Many thanks for your awesome response good sir! According to your feedback I would rearrange the roster as follows: Tank #1: Chanter. Main character, because of the high Int, and since your suggestion is to make this a main tank, maxed Per and Res as well. Makes for a great tank and conversationalist to boot. Might/Dex/Con spread may not matter too much. Dex doesn't affect chants and invocations so I could probably put that at a minimum, and I shall have to decide between Might and Con. I guess a decent Might score makes for stronger The Thunder Rolled. Shield and Hatchet maybe, and the heaviest armor there is. Going for something of a viking theme, makes sense for a skald to lead the outfit. Though it might gimp me a bit, I feel that my characters must hail from the Living Lands - another argument for focusing on Might. Tank #2: Paladin. The auras can be nifty. Off Tank: Fighter. Since the above characters will go sword and board, I'll make him a brute with two-handed weapons. The Tidefall guy of the outfit. Priest. Because of their awesome utility. Maybe a Magran priest for the gun accuracy. Hail Freya! Druid. Because of nukes. Then... Wizard or Ranger? Ranger seems like a fine choice for a gunner, and I tend to suck at spell selections and that kind of micromanagement. Hmmm... Amanua ranger with quick switch and four rifles...
  21. I've gotten quite far with my party on Easy, but now I feel that I want to complete the game on maximum difficulty, so I'm planning a custom party to take on Trial of Iron, Path of the Damned, Expert Mode. I'll probably make all my characters human. Suboptimal, but it's how I like to roll. Could be persuaded to bring along a dwarf and an amanua, I guess. The general party outline I'm thinking about is two dedicated tanks, one off-tank, and three damage dealers. With three tanks I should be able to keep the heat off of the remaining characters. So... Tank #1: Fighter. A bloody wall. Talents would include Defender, Superior Deflection, Sword and Shield style and all the rest of it. Stats: Maxed Resolve and Perception, for a certainty. Apart from that, I don't know. Could lower Might/Dex/Con and max Intelligence too, or dump Int and raise Might (for increased Healing). Intelligence would increase Knockdown duration as I understand it, while Might would increase the meager damage output and improve Rapid Recovery - keep hearing that Rapid Recovery isn't very good though? Tank #2: Could go with a pretty much identical Fighter, but it could well be that a Shieldbearer Paladin works too. Dunno how to build those though. I figure talents and stats would be distributed along similar lines with the above Fighter though. Off Tank: Chanter. Will likely be my main character. I've seen builds were Int/Per/Resolve where maxed, Dex/Con were dumped and Might was high. Should be able to tank well, and provide strong invocations. Damage Dealer #1: Barbarian. Maxed Might, Int and Dex. Runs around in robes and lays down the hurt with a pike (keep hearing good things about Tall Grass). Damage Dealer #2: Rogue. With three tanks, the rogue should be able to maneuver just fine, I reckon. I take it that dual stilettos is what you want here, along with maxed Might and Dex, with Perception and Int high? Damage Dealer #3: Druid or priest? Priest has better healing, but I hear that priests are nigh indispensable for their healing. EDIT: Or maybe this: 2 Fighters (dedicated tanks) 2 Barbarians (damage dealers) 2 Chanters (off-tanks, one focusing on buffs, the other on debuffs).
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