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Quest Mode - before it goes into oblivion

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Greetings All,


I have been playing quest mode with level 40 toons for a few months now. I finally got around to finishing deck 5 in story mode. However, I have yet to see any Villains, Henchman or locations beyond deck 3 'trickle' into quest mode. I have seen boons and monsters for deck 4, though. So what dictates when I would see deck 4-6 Villains, Henchman and locations and deck 5-6 boons? I can't remember reading any bugs regarding this?


Yep, I know quest mode is going, but I still enjoy it. I also would like to point out that it has been very stable for me. There are the occasional 'need fix' bugs I've read about with some corkyness, but nothing game stopping.


Thanks in advance.

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Correct.  Despite "Unlocking Tier 4" when your character reaches Level 40, there is not a Tier 4 set of questing scenarios.  Level 40 characters have just been playing Tier 3 quests over and over.


The reason that you occasionally see some AD4 cards show up in play is that the Quest Decks and Adventure Decks aren't 100% in sync.  The devs bumped a few cards up or down to add some balance or variety to the game.  For example, there are 3 AD4 cards that should appear during Quest Tier 3 play:  Chain Mail of Cold Resistance, Lizard, and Greater Luckstone.

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