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Importing Adventurer's from Pillars 1

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Any thoughts? Title says it all.

I was thinking, could I make Adventurer's in Pillars 1, and choose to import them as "Main Characters" into Deadfire? Of course, they would have to have all the choices from MC from that Save file, but could it be possible?

Would you be able to Change or Edit the choices even if you Load/Import a character, or are the Import choices final?

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Just thought I could create adventurer's at the end of Pillars 1 and then simply import them as main characters for Deadfire.

​A sort of Dragon Age: Origins character creator~ (Bioware released a Chargen before DAO was released so people could make their characters and jump right in when it released).

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It'd be cool to be able to import player-made companions from PoE and have them available to hire at an inn (obviously reset to lvl.1).

I know we can just recreate them, but it'd do something for the roleplayer in me.  Not that it's worth spending big bucks on though.

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