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Faster development time this time?

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Do you think PoE2 will get done faster than PoE1, as this time around Obsidian doesn't have to do it from scratch? 

Was there anything related posted or told by devs before? I do not follow the news too closely TBH.

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They are aiming for a March 2018 release as you may know so about a year from now.  Feargus stated that they expect to be able to met that at this time.  They are keeping an eye on what they are adding, what they are considering and expect to be able to meet that schedule.


I am sure they have been working on the game behind the scenes for quiet sometime so lot of the work is already done.

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They get to build of the work of PoE1. The have improved a lot of their production pipeline. They worked for what seems to be a year already before announcing this. Yeah I guess the turn around is quicker, but they also have way more already completed this time around.

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