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Aarik D

#Deadfire Q&A Twitch Stream with Josh Sawyer and Adam Brennecke

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If this is the place to post questions for the next Q&A - mine is in regards to Paladins.


* How do you plan on keeping Paladins relevant, particularly in the wake of multiclassing? 
 PoE1 patches made improvements to Paladins, however they still felt mediocre & outclassed by other class builds in what was supposed to be their strengths ie fighters and clerics & didn't feel too distinct as a class in their own right.  
What unique and relatively effective abilities and attributes will the Paladin receive (if any), to prevent them becoming redundant to fighter/cleric builds for eg?
Even with a party size reduced to 5, there are enough class archetypes can fill each role.

"If you would, you could become all flame" - Abba Joseph of the Desert Fathers.



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