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Loss of party profile and some progress



After a power interruption while playing the game, the 'continue' button did not do anything and the 'story' section only shows a blank banner/profile where the old party used to be. The 'play' button underneath the blank banner doesn't do anything either.


However, unlike most of the 'loss of progress' posts i see here, all of my experienced characters are still in the selection menu with their decks intact, and none of the solutions to the usual posts worked (log in/out of game profile, restart app, restart phone). Creating a new party allows me to use the old characters, and since the game says you cannot choose versions of characters that are already in a party, so i'm guessing just the profile record got erased/corrupted, but not the characters.


When starting a new group i can select the experienced characters and the ones i purchased. The Adventures show that they are completed, but only the lowest difficulty for each scenario. I could redo the progress, but some of those scenarios were only completed by the skin of my teeth so i'd like to get that progress back if i can.


The only usual thing i haven't tried so far is uninstalling/reinstalling the app just in case that would make me lose the rest of my info.

(PS- usually power interruptions aren't a problem with the game, it loads fine usually, but this time when i turned my phone back on it tried to boot up but shut back down immediately so maybe the file was corrupted by the second power interruption?)


Is there any easy way i can roll back to a backup/sync point that has that party and it's progress in tact?

-PFID- C43D23B35F915882
-Phone: HTC One M7
-OS: Android 5.0.2


-picture of what the party profile looks like is here: http://i.imgur.com/SWQbkcT.png  because i don't know how to attach pictures here-

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It stinks when things like this happen, but it is usually safe to delete the party save and then create a new one.


Characters "live" in a file outside the save, and you can just chose them under the "Experienced" characters section and continue on where you left off.  


The good news is that starting a new party with old characters should get you back to the last scenario you completed.  The bad news is that you will lose Heroic/Legendary completion data in the process.  Sorry.


There isn't much else to do as the App or cloud don't really hold backups.  It just keeps your most recent save.

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