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While trying to compare the progress of this pledge campaign with the original, I put all the number for pledges on a spreadsheet.  As expected, the numbers for the first game totaled correctly.  The number of pledges and the amount pledged for Deadfire, however, are off considerably.  It seems as though there are 440 secret backers that each pledged $2406.50.


I am probably overlooking something or missed a post disclosing that all the employees and friends put money up first or maybe Obsidian itself ponied-up some initial bit.  Whatever, can anyone fill me in?




BTW, it appears that while there are fewer backers, the pledges are more than double each on average.

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If you click on the purple icon next to the tally bar on the Fig page, you'll get a break-down of Fig funds, and pledges. The latter, currently totalling at about 1,09 million, comes from the traditional crowdfunding backers, such as myself, who give the money in exchange for the various rewards. The rest of the funds come from investors, also such as myself, who instead expect a return of investment from game sales.


Both pledges and investments have their own advantages and disadvantages: The pledges come with strings attached, tying up resources and imposing restrictions during the development process. Money from investments, meanwhile, is for the developers to use as they see fit without any requirements. However, there's no free lunch, and the investors expect to be paid back at least as much as they put in once the game is out, and that's that much less money for the company to use on the next project. So investments allow the company more creative, but less financial freedom.


I think the former is ultimately better for the company, and I would've preferred to pledge the amount I invested. Alas, I'm not so wealthy I could just be giving the money away -- the pledge rewards are, after all, ultimately little more than vanity prices.

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Do you mean the investors?


That shows at $998,000 atm which is kind of close to your (440 * 2406).


Nah man, I think it's the lizard people. They have taken over the funding of this game to show their propaganda. Expect the Aumaua to be totally overpowered in Deadfire.

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