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One thing I've really appreciated about this campaign is just how active Feargus has been in the comments.  You rarely scroll that far down without seeing comments from him.  Even better, a lot of them have nice tidbits of information about game development.  I've asked three comments, and two of them have been answered.  Here are some of my favorites.


One last question. Baldur's Gate 1 & to a lesser extent 2 had a ton of micro-quests. A person would approach you with a small problem, and you would solve it without leaving the map or much back and forth. (Wolves attack son, find my dead dog, gender girdle ogre, etc.) The base Pillars didn't have much of this content, but WM had some. Will Deadfire have more compared to WM, less, or the same amount?


Feargus:  First interesting note - a lot of those quests in BG went in to the game in the last three months of the game. Both Ray Muzuka (BioWare co-CEO) and Chris Parker (Black Isle Producer, Obsidian co-founder) noticed when showing the game off at E3 in 1998 that there needed to be more things to do.

In PoE 2 there will definitely be more quest content, plus we have been doing even more quest reviews and team play days to make sure all the content is working well before we get to content complete.


Remove Fog of War in friendly towns. Such amazing art hard to see because it's blackened out. Makes sense in a dungeon but somewhere like Copperlane should be 100% viewable.

Feargus:  I will use this in my arguments to get it! :)


This is looking ahead a bit, but it never hurts to talk about things in advance: if the game warrants an expansion, will you consider a post-game campaign, such as Mask of the Betrayer, rather than a mid-game campaign like The White March?


We are talking about it. The challenge with only end-game content is it restricts the DLC to only people who have finished the game. I totally understand your example, the challenge is that Throne of Bhaal was really almost a full game instead of being an expansion. However, I do know what you mean, and we will talk about it.


Tanner P:  damn yeah boi. im excited

Feargus:  Thanks Tanner P.!




damn yeah boi indeed.

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I actually envy people who can come up with great questions for things like that. I just never know what to ask. Partly because I'm happy to leave it up to the developers, but also partly because I'm thinking so much ahead to playing the game that I lose sight of the fact that they're still making it. Anyhow, thanks for sharing.

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So shines the name so shines the name of Roger Young!


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His responses have indeed been both plentiful and great!


And if Feargus is somewhere around here, I would also like to thank him for campaigning to get Edér back in the game. As someone who never lets him out of the party, I appreciate it :yes: .



Eder is my favorite companion of all and he is always in my parties as well.

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