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How can I finish Eders quest in act III?

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Edér's story doesn't require Dunryd row, or indeed any Cipher. The basic line is:


go to Maerwald > go to the records office in Defiance Bay > build a sufficiently good reputation in Defiance Bay to get the records office to tell you where his brother died > go to the battle field site and find the doo-dad > use your watcher powers to gain insight into what happened to his brother > done


As far as I can tell, you should be able to do this even after finishing Act II. In fact the only obvious obstacles would be going past the point of no return at the end of the game and somehow never getting a good enough reputation in Defiance Bay (which I think would involve murdering random people or similar).

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I wanted to ask that guy at Dunryd Row but then the riots started and suddendly everybody at Dunryd Row was dead so where can I find a cipher to keep on with eders quest? Can I use the grieving mother?


Thank you


Yes, IIRC grieving mother can also read into the artifact, as can your PC if you're cipher.

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