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Underneath Sanpoint - 1st time Scribbler defeated, card burned from blessings desk



Playing Underneath Sandpoint on easiest level. The first time I defeat Scribbler, several cards (4-5?) are burned from the Blessings deck, which is a pretty big handicap. This has happened multiple times to my party, so it wasn't a one-off glitch.


Is this a bug? I can't find any scenario, location or villain text saying this is supposed to happen.

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Do you remember that the description from The Scribbler's card says that he is undefeated in the first time you defeat him? Well, a undefeated villain drains a number of cards from the blessings deck equal to the number of open locations minus one when he/she is undefeated, thus shortening the time you have to win the scenario.


So there is no bug. That is the same thing that happens with Mommy Graul.

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