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will poe2 feature a vast locales with different terrains?

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hmm i am pretty sure i have read it more south east asian and Polynesian locations. So i dont see where desert comes in. It more tropical it seems.    


Josh said also Persian, that's why u got that desert and palace.



Well that Persian theme.. it does look like a little desert to me.


Btw, anyone seen the first person view of that persian palace and tropical forest? Are they 3D assets? Have they gone fully 3D now? That  would make close-up cutscenes possible? Or they were just for wallpaper?


Also.. no romance mentioned :/. This was one of the feature i really hoped for. When i first play PoE i thought there were romances and was really looking forward with Pallegina.. and Obsidian shattered my dreams  :biggrin:

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Ye this article was one where i got that info http://www.pcgamesn.com/pillars-of-eternity-2/pillars-of-eternity-2-release-date-story-setting


Pillars II takes place in the Deadfire Archipelago - a smattering of small volcanic islands far to the south of the Dyrwood. Where Pillars 1 had a Middle Ages European vibe, the Deadfire more closely resembles the southern Pacific island chains of Asia.
“It has more of a Polynesian flavour, overall,” confirms Sawyer. “The climate is much different, the foliage you see is much different.”



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