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Vailian Republics setting?

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It's great to see some light of PoE2 but there are lots of questions to answer.


Where will we start the campaign, In a Vailian city (athkatla style) or directly in the Deadfire islands?


It would be nice to take a walk (and 1 or 2 acts ;D ) on the streets of a renaissance-merchant city of the Vailian Republics

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We will see, it seems that we start prologue in Cuad Nua so we can feel the pain of losing our preatty castle.

Probably main focus is in Deadfire, better do one good, than many bad.

There is an option to release Valian Republic expansion but with alot of twist, like stealth levels, or design being much more soulpunk than Defiance Bay. Just idea. .

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The previews suggested it too.


Btw: I love the starting situation. It fits the game, doesn't feel like an asspull and is kinda fun.^^ 

But I am asking myself: how much time has passed since the last game? Two, five, ten years? At least long enough to get lazy and put our best weapons away . In a big box, which gets lost and we will never get back, I guess :D.

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