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Random attack on the Stronghold as a soloer?

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How do you handle random attack on the Stronghold as a soloer? Pass on it (autosolve)?


I just ask because i was nearly killed by such an attack. Reward: Nada nothing.


(Who, by the way, scripted that get hitting by a Forest Lurker gets you stuck forever AND keeps you out of range for mele? Bah..)



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The mercenaries you can hire are low level and don't scale with your level, unlike the attackers. The result is they are more like distractions and won't help very much. Also keep in mind that attacks can happen in the courtyard or in the throne room and you have to pick your mercenaries carefully if you want them to be where you need them.

Personally I never use them because it's just another way to lose money.


You can avoid these attacks by not upgrading your keep and waiting until you're high level and you can deal with them easily. Or you can prepare for these fights and deal with them like you would do with a normal encounter. In the courtyard you have plenty of space to run and you can kite/split them easily. In the throne room it's more trickier but you can split them even there or find a better spot to fight them - the secret is to start the fight stealthed (you need high stealth sometimes or else you're uncovered before you can position yourself).

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Yeah, the stronghold hirelings are more like low level summons. They cost money, sure, but it's better than being targeted by all attackers. If I do no "pure" solo runs (meaning that I will take in the official companions to do stronghold adventures, but don't add them to the party) I always take the hirelings with the most prestige. Don't know if this really helps with the stronghold adventures and Azurro, but I like to believe that. ;)

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Some prestige hirelings are even weaker (like the aedirian lady who gives 6prestige)... From what I observed prestige/security are affecting only your income when you collect the money (prestige increases the amount you receive and the security diminishes the losses to bandits). Anyway the stronghold attacks stop after 4-5 attempts I think...

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