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Finished adventure path . Now what?

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Beating all the difficulty levels unlocks some pretty cool bonus cards.  That is a bit of replayability.  Not to mention the ability to use those characters that just received that nice loot from the normal mode adventure path.  The Liberated Blue Dragon is a great card (final adventure bonus card).  Now to actually acquire it on a character....

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Once you are "done" there's very little to keep the interest in my opinion. My Quest characters are all capped at level 40 with little prospect of that changing in the near future. Once I've run through the Story on Legendary there's little incentive to do it again IMO. I know that there are two sorts of gamers: "completists", those who have to get every Achievment, own every item, play every character in every permutation (there's a reason why Alts were implemented recently!); and then there's the "once through and done" gamer, those for whom "reaching the end" is sufficient - hit the level cap, finish the story. I find myself in the latter camp. To keep the latter group interested and playing (and spending money), Obsidian will need to develop more content and extend Quest mode. But it may be that they aren't really interested in that group as the former group will keep the revenue coming. 

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Let's say you shelled out more money for the card game and finished it. What's the incentive to continue then? Let's say you finished any other computer game or app you play. What's the incentive to keep going then? I've played *a lot* of this app. It's probably the game I've played most over the past several month, mostly because of the convenience of playing whenever I wanted without have to set up, schedule, or otherwise arrange a physical card game with friends. I can play it easily on the road, unlike the computer games I've played. I've also finished it. Yeah, I want more content. Specifically, I want them to do the other boxed sets. However, I got my money's worth and that's all I think anyone has a right to ask. people will ask for more, of course, but Obsidian delivered on the game. Complain about the uneven roll-out. Complain about the apparent the dearth of recent interaction, if you must. Complain about bugs. Fair enough, it's like a plague of locust unseen since the Lord unleased his vengeance on ancient Egypt. However, complaining that there's nothing to do but replay after you've finished the fine game that has a hell of a lot more content than the board game on release? bullocks!


on the other hand, to be fair to the first guy posting, one can take his question at face value and I firmly believe we should be charitable in how we read these things. If you don't want to try new parties, higher difficulty, or novel or self-imposed approaches, the answer is asked and answered. You'll have to wait and hope for more offerings in the future.

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So shines the name so shines the name of Roger Young!


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